I am being followed

It’s a subaru I think maybe light blue or gray, it happened yesterday and my memory is just waking up. I will be sure to carry a camera on me when i go out with tracking disabled. I was riding my bike down 66 into town and I always stop at the horse stalls and talk to the horses. I am finishing up my conversation with the majestic animals and look behind me and there is a subaru parked right behind me in the bike lane. I thought maybe I was blocking their mailbox so I get on my bike and continue into town. I ride for another mile or two and stop again because I saw a shiny hubcap on side of the road. I am looking at it and get a weird feeling and turn around and the same fucking car is parked behind me looking at me. They take off as i flip him or her off. They know where I like to go thanks to this website so I am very cautious when I am at oak tree and have recognized suspicious shills in the past there. According to Issac Kappy, the illuminati pays $250,000 a year plus any car you want. I am filming you mother fuckers from now on and saving license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions in a log book. I need to order sunglasses camera from ebay to document all this werid stuff going on. bipolar cam coming soon lol.