I am in Columbia Care’s Intensive Program and it is working for me. I don’t have any friends because I am an asshole (bipolar type 1, ptsd, social anxiety) and I would be dead if it weren’t for Columbia Care. I couldn’t go out or make any appointments so they are nice and visit me at my place. I have 5 people on my team and they mean a lot to me. They say the program can last up to a year and I’m a few months in and I don’t know yet what to do after the program. I’m hoping I can reapply if I’m not better. My psychiatrist listens to coast 2 coast it’s perfect. I got the Resperdal injection yesterday and feel good today. It’s way easier than remembering to take pills. I watch king of the hill on my phone while getting the shot to relax. The electronic harassment is less intense now. I flipped the phase on a recording and started to play that in my place. My paranoia is doing better but I still hate waking up thinking I’m at that place. When the time machine is up and running, I will be sure to punch a lot of people’s faces. show up in 2001 out of nowhere, “I built this time machine to kick the shit out of ya.” POW! right in the kisser.