Total Destruction Live On Monday

I will be discussing the connection between Pizzagate, Courtney Love, K records, David Geffen, the Epstein Case and also: electronic harrassment and CIA infiltration into counter culture groups. I really liked the band Bratmobile and Riot Girl music when I was younger and recently heard for the first time the band that played at Comet Pizza called “Sex Stains”. The music is terrible. too many things going on and annoying vocals. When I found out she was from Bratmobile, I thought of Courtney Love’s name being circled in Epstein’s little black book. It made me think of the letter Kurt wrote to David geffin.

I’ve been slacking on TDL lately because I am feeling better with my resperdal shots and I am not yet used to waking up and not wanting to die. I am just keeping busy.! I will start writing down notes so when I talk in front of the camera I don’t blank out and get nervous (that’s why I really want a co host! still searching.) I have a good horror movie I will play to take us out. Tune in Monday at 10pm at Fuck the CIA. ANy shills on here? I will find out and ban you. let the doxxing begin…